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We are a compassionate and dedicated organization of professionals with experience in all areas of neuro, spine and pain management. Our spine center is located in the heart of Singapore so we can treat our patients with the best care possible.

Our goal is to provide you with safe, effective and proven medical care with use of all the latest technology available which allows for quicker pain relief and a speedy recovery so you can return to your work, play and the active lifestyle you deserve.

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Low Back Pain

90% of low back pain occurs when a nerve that travels from the spinal cord through the bones of the spine is pinched or irritated. This results in the muscles of the back tensing up and causing the patient low back pain. The solution to this problem depends on why the nerve is irritated in the first place and the severity of the condition.


Neck Pain

Pain located in the neck area is a common medical condition due to the excessive use of electronic devices in the world we live in. There are many problems you can encounter in the neck and shoulder that cause pain. Fortunately there are different techniques you can use to stop neck pain depending on what is being irritated.


Back & Leg Pain

Sitting for hours at work and home is causing back and leg pain for many. Office workers and executives are also suffering these effects. Back Pain can also be associated with lack of exercise and lack of movement. All this causes excess nerve pressure in the spine resulting in pain in the buttock, back and side of the legs and feet.



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