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Non-Invasive and Less Invasive Spine, Day Procedures - Discoplasty

Discoplasty refers to the treatment of the Spine Disc ( the soft gel like substance between the spine vertebrae or hard bones) without physically cutting it. Discoplasty refers to a process to reduce dangerous accumulation of pressure within the disc which leads to disc protrusion, extrusion and even a burst part of the disc called sequestration that can damage spine nerves can lead to weakness, numbness and even paralysis.

Discoplasty in the past has been done with chemicals ( eg Chymopapain) but is currently done through small or even tiny fine needles to deploy micro devices that give a special energy to reduce the pressure build up within the disc. Although lasers have been used , the more advanced technologies include superior to laser systems with more controlled energy and less heat as compared with lasers for the treatment. This includes high frequency plasma energy.

Nucleoplasty refers to the treatment of the central part of the disc called the nucleus only.

Annuloplasty refers to the treatment of the outer covering of the disc which contains small nerve fibers to stun these nerves that can cause pain.

Discoplasty if carried out before the disc wears out significantly or ruptures can give good results in protecting and preserving the function of  the Spine nerves including the spinal cord in patients who present with Neck Pain or Low Back Pain from Spine Disc Disease or Injury; and reducing pain and disability allowing an earlier return to work and activity.